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{Read in 3:05 minutes} The Supreme Court just issued a landmark ruling in the case Commil USA v Cisco Systems, holding that a good faith belief that a patent is invalid is not a viable defense to inducement of its infringement. The decision strikes a huge blow against Cisco and is certain to have major […]

An Introduction: Silvia Salvadori, PhD. I opened my own firm, SILVIA SALVADORI, P.C., in April of this year. My practice areas include patents, trademarks, copyright, and ensuring compliance with USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA) regulations.

My focus is in patent prosecution and compliance with FDA regulations. These two areas actually go hand in hand. Even clients with successfully-patented products or methods must still obtain approval from the FDA before being allowed to enter the US marketplace, because the rules that govern the FDA are very different than those that govern the US patent office. Therefore my knowledge and experience in practicing in both of these areas is important in allowing me to provide a truly complete service to all of my clients.